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A New Year

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been in a  bit of a turmoil, trying out various ideas for new novels, discarding some ideas immediately, planning others, liking some of them enough to start them. I wrote 13,000 words … Continue reading

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Eyam, Plague Village of Derbyshire.

I am just about to start a short online course called Plagues, Witches and War. The plague part refers to Geraldine Brooke’s novel: ‘A Year of Wonders’ which concerns the year 1665-1666 in which the people of the tiny Derbyshire … Continue reading

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Edgar the Outlaw

I love this short film about Edgar Atheling. If you want a quick introduction to him then please take a look. Then, of course, you should read my books about this forgotten man.          

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Blood of Ironside Part 2. #HistNov #Stories

This is the second part of my new novel Blood of Ironside. We rowed the boats for a mile through slicing seas.  Freezing water surged over the laden keel and we baled it out with our cupped hands.  Finally, just … Continue reading

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Our Deepest Fear

When I was training teachers I read that at his Inaugural Speech Nelson Mandela had spoken some inspiring words about overcoming our fear of our greater natures.  I used to quote from Mandela’s wonderful words as I thought them a … Continue reading

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The Journey to Battle. #HistNov #SampleSunday

Oswald came striding towards us, leading his horse.  He bowed his head quickly and smiled.  ‘Are you ready, Edgar?’ he asked. I nodded.  He swung up into his saddle and the three of us trotted past the waiting men to … Continue reading

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The Start of a Life-Long Friendship. #SampleSunday #HistNov

I was awake long before dawn on the appointed day.  I pushed Rip’s head off my chest and leapt out of bed.  ‘We are going to fight the Normans,’ I told him as I struggled into my clothes.  He yawned … Continue reading

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