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Charles Dickens: A Life

You can hear Claire Tomalin’s brilliant biography of Charles Dickens on Radio 4 at 9.45 each morning. Glad to hear that Penelope Wilton is reading it.

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#samplesunday Artful Chapter 1 Judgement Day

ARTFUL  CHAPTER 1 JUDGEMENT DAY The sun climbed up the London sky like an invalid part way through convalescence.  If it could have wheezed it would have wheezed.  If it could have coughed it would have coughed.  It would have … Continue reading

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Interview on JE Taylor’s Blog

See my interview at  

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Pulp Fiction

Giving away books has been one of the hardest parts of our move.  Some are so old and decrepit that no charity shop will look at them.  So they have had to go into the recycling bin. My very good … Continue reading

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Like a wet rag.

Don’t mistake me.   My wife and I are moving to the Cote d’Azur, the famous Riviera of the South of France, the haunt of Russian aristocrats, English gentry and the fabled artists and writers of the Jazz Age.  I shall … Continue reading

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Who might I want to be?

Although I spent much of my youth dreaming up intricate day-dreams where I was some intrepid hero or plucky adventurer I have actually always been rather comfortable in my own skin. However, I sometimes wonder who I might want to … Continue reading

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A First World War Story #SampleSunday

ESCAPE Mitchell had not meant to desert.  It was a June morning and he was taking a message to B Company.  He was highly regarded by his officers, an intelligent and trustworthy man, steady under fire.  He trudged along the … Continue reading

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Republishing out of print works.

Now that ebooks are becoming so well established I’ve begun to muse on the books which are now out of print which I would love to see republished.  My current suggestion would be Alf’s Button by W.A. Darlington. This concerns … Continue reading

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Separate Tables

Just watched the classic 50s film Separate Tables again.  It was based on two Terence Rattigan plays, released in 1958, nominated for seven Oscars and winning two.  It has an impressive cast: Rita Hayworth, Deborah Kerr, David Niven, Wendy Hiller, … Continue reading

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Monty Python Economics

The lead article of the British Newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, quotes a cabal of City big-wigs who claim that the only way to save the British economy is by abolishing the 50% top rate of tax for the highest earners … Continue reading

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