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Talking with authors

I’ve had the pleasure of talking with a number of great authors over the past year. If you’re interested in the art and craft of writing it’s really worth taking a look. You can find the talks by searching for … Continue reading

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Sign up to my newsletter subscription list.

I’ve just sent the first of my exclusive offers to subscribers of my list. It’s a short story based on a place which was very important to me as a child. I’m planning on offering more stories to my subscribers … Continue reading

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‘Trade Winds to Meluhha’ Vasant Davé

A while ago I got a message from Vasant Davé, a writer in Bombay, offering me a free copy of his book. I was intrigued because it was about two civilisations, that of ancient Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley, which … Continue reading

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Queen Jane is Dead. #HistNov

It was on the 24th October that Henry VIII’s third queen, Jane Seymour died having just given him the male heir he was so desperate for. Here is an extract from my work in progress showing how Alice Petherton hears … Continue reading

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Author Interviews

You can find my series of talks with authors by searching for their names using the little Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass on the top right of the blog or by clicking on author interviews at the bottom of this post. … Continue reading

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May Day. Alice Petherton #SampleSunday #Histnov

Here is a second extract from my new novel. It concerns the adventures of a young maid of honour at the court of Henry VIII. I woke early in the morning to see the sun kissing the hills to the … Continue reading

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Archimedes had his Eureka moment in a bath and Sir Isaac Newton when musing in an orchard. Albert Einstein had his when sitting in a railway carriage. He saw another train leave and wondered which was actually moving. How often … Continue reading

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Eyam, Plague Village of Derbyshire.

I am just about to start a short online course called Plagues, Witches and War. The plague part refers to Geraldine Brooke’s novel: ‘A Year of Wonders’ which concerns the year 1665-1666 in which the people of the tiny Derbyshire … Continue reading

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Alice Petherton #SampleSunday #HistNov

I’ve just completed the first draft of my new novel set in the time of Henry VIII of England. I plan to publish it in the New Year. Here’s a sample. Margaret Wicks was by far the prettiest of the … Continue reading

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Blood of Ironside Part 8 #SampleSunday #HistNov

I went back to my quarters.  Anna was waiting for me. She scanned my face anxiously. ‘What did your sister say about me?’ she asked. ‘I decided not to tell her about you yet.’ Silence filled the room, a silence … Continue reading

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