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I’m delighted to have as guest blogger the novelist Giles Kristian. Giles has an interest in the Anglo-Saxon period but has also strayed into the English Civil War period, one which is fairly sparsely written about in comparison to its … Continue reading

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As well as going to visit my wife in hospital I’ve been hard at work on my new novel. It’s taken some time on my edit of my Tudor novel but I’m slowly but surely working my way through that … Continue reading

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The End of Crusader Jerusalem #SampleSunday #HistNov

MOST DANGEROUS MEN  Jerusalem  Days later Saladin watched as Jerusalem emptied of its people.  They walked past his tent in two columns.  Those who were rich enough to raise the money to buy their lives hurried past, sliding their eyes … Continue reading

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The Harrying of the North #SampleSunday #HistNov Blood of Ironside Part 7

King Malcolm had already heard much of what I had to tell.  Of the meeting with the Danish fleet at York, the fire in the city and how we took the two castles and slaughtered all of the Normans in … Continue reading

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The Taking of York Castle #HistNov #SampleSunday

The Worm cowered, her eyes wide in terror.  Then her head tilted, as if in recognition, and she crept to my side.  We raced out into an open space; the large grassy bailey enclosed by the outer walls.  The Danes … Continue reading

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‘You stay with me.’ #SampleSunday #HistNov

Here is another extract from my novel The Lost King: Wasteland. The next day Cnut and Esbjorn came to our camp to make the final arrangements for the assault. We spent the day putting the final touches to what, essentially, … Continue reading

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The Start of a Life-Long Friendship. #SampleSunday #HistNov

I was awake long before dawn on the appointed day.  I pushed Rip’s head off my chest and leapt out of bed.  ‘We are going to fight the Normans,’ I told him as I struggled into my clothes.  He yawned … Continue reading

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