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Four years ago today…..

Four years ago today I self-published my novel, A Love Most Dangerous.   It was an unusual venture for me who had, up until then, written books about the Norman Conquest, the Crusades and the adventures of the Artful Dodger. … Continue reading

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984 BCE

If my arithmetic is correct then 984 BCE was three thousand years ago. Twice as long ago as the fall of the western Roman Empire. Ten times further back than the start of the Georgian Age in Britain, the death … Continue reading

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1016 and all that

The start of a new year seems a good time to take a really long, backward look at history. I’m going to do this in one thousand year leaps. So today, here are a few things which happened in the … Continue reading

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My new novel #SampleSunday #Historical

Phew, it’s been a long journey but my new novel about Alfred the Great will shortly be available on Amazon Kindle. I’ve posted two extracts on the blog already. Here’s another. The war-band were standing quietly now on the northern … Continue reading

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Eyam, Plague Village of Derbyshire.

I am just about to start a short online course called Plagues, Witches and War. The plague part refers to Geraldine Brooke’s novel: ‘A Year of Wonders’ which concerns the year 1665-1666 in which the people of the tiny Derbyshire … Continue reading

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Talking with James Aitcheson #HistNov

Today I’m delighted to be speaking with James Aitcheson. James is the author of three novels set during the Norman Conquest of England: Sworn Sword, The Splintered Kingdom, and Knights of the Hawk (forthcoming). The US edition of Sworn Sword … Continue reading

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The Start of a Life-Long Friendship. #SampleSunday #HistNov

I was awake long before dawn on the appointed day.  I pushed Rip’s head off my chest and leapt out of bed.  ‘We are going to fight the Normans,’ I told him as I struggled into my clothes.  He yawned … Continue reading

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