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Another writing tool

I’ve used this writing tool when I’m at a loss for something to write. It works by harnessing your inner muse. If you give it a go you may find that allowing your sub-conscious off the leash will help when … Continue reading

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Revolting Characters

Help me, my characters are revolting. I’ve started to write a novel about the Vikings.  I started writing in third person, then changed to first person because my protagonist had a strong voice which seemed worth listening to.  However, as … Continue reading

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Useful Writing Tools

I’ve been pondering useful writing tools lately.  The best one is to apply my posterior to a seat and get writing.  However, there are a few others which I regularly make use of and which can sometimes be very useful. … Continue reading

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To the Death. Artful. #samplesunday #amwriting #Kindle

CHAPTER 4 TO THE DEATH Jack managed to get one free and kicked down savagely.  There sounded the sharp crack of broken bone and Crimp cried out.  He felt his nose gingerly.  Blood spurted through his fingers. ‘He’s broke me … Continue reading

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First or Third Person?

I’ve just started to write a new novel, based in the early years of the eleventh century.  I have a protagonist, Leofric the clerk, I know what sort of person he is and what his values and beliefs are likely … Continue reading

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Hooray for Serboga

Yesterday we visited the tiny Principality of Serboga.  It is a village perched in the hills above the coastal town ofBordighera.  It is close to the French/Italian border. Apparently the deeds selling the old village to the Duchy of Piedmont-Sardinia … Continue reading

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Artful Chapter 3 Part B. #Sample Sunday #Kindle #amwriting #historicalfiction

It was when The Hornet was wallowing through the Roaring Forties, far to the south ofIndia, that Beresford took ill. It may have been something he caught on the taint of the air, it may have been some pestilence an … Continue reading

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