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Artful is available on Amazon

I’ve been thinking about writing this novel for a long time.  I started it in 2010 and am now delighted that it is available at Amazon.  I will shortly have it available at other outlets via Smashwords. You can buy … Continue reading

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ARTFUL #SampleSunday

ARTFUL #SampleSunday.  This is the beginning of my new book which will be published shortly.  #amwriting CHAPTER 1 TRANSPORTED The sun crawled up the London sky like an invalid part way through convalescence.  If it could have wheezed it would … Continue reading

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Fingers crossed

Fingers crossed and we will be on the internet next week. We can’t wait.  An example of how much the internet has become part of our life is my failure to remember the name of Gore Vidal.  I checked in … Continue reading

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Today I woke up and realised that I had been dreaming in French.  To be exact I was dreaming in my Pidgin Franglais but it was progress of a sort. The strange thing was that although the dream was set … Continue reading

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ADRIFT #Sample Sunday

It was an uneventful ascent.  The balloon slowed when it reached three thousand feet, climbing the last eight hundred in a more leisurely fashion.  The two men in the wicker basket peered down at the battle-field.  Without maps they could … Continue reading

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Some people may think that it is great timing that I have written ‘Artful’ for publication in the bi-centenary of Charles Dickens birth. It’s not great timing.  It’s a mixture of luck and slow writing.  I first had the idea … Continue reading

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When I was a toddler I could not speak English; instead I used my own language.  The only one who could understand it was my older brother Colin, so it must have followed some linguistic rules and had a reasonably … Continue reading

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