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‘Humble yourself, Edgar. Eat dirt.’ #SampleSunday #HistNov

The month of June came in with a blaze of heat.  The air felt warm and consoling and the light was more clear and fresh than any I had remembered before. ‘You didn’t get summers like this under old King … Continue reading

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Our Deepest Fear

When I was training teachers I read that at his Inaugural Speech Nelson Mandela had spoken some inspiring words about overcoming our fear of our greater natures.  I used to quote from Mandela’s wonderful words as I thought them a … Continue reading

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Defiance in the West. #SampleSunday #HistNov

Four days later we approached the walled town of Exeter.  To my joy I saw the flag of Wessex flying bravely from its walls. ‘A gold purse to the soldier who brings me that rag,’ William announced.  Then he sent … Continue reading

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Everything has changed. #SampleSunday #HistNov

I cannot recall much about the cold winter of 1067.  Snow fell heavily and ice seized the ponds and streams near the house where Oswald, Godwin and I were lodged.   I wrote a message to Duke William asking that my … Continue reading

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Envoys from Duke William #SampleSunday #histfic

From the Norman army three men came riding slowly across the meadows towards us.  The two men at the front were dressed like holy men, although underneath the garments of one I thought I could detect a glimpse of mail.  … Continue reading

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The Journey to Battle. #HistNov #SampleSunday

Oswald came striding towards us, leading his horse.  He bowed his head quickly and smiled.  ‘Are you ready, Edgar?’ he asked. I nodded.  He swung up into his saddle and the three of us trotted past the waiting men to … Continue reading

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I never used to like editing my writing.  In point of fact, I didn’t really know how to edit properly.   I was always aware of Hemingway’s scatological description of his first draft although he seems to be working away … Continue reading

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