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Dodger Receives his Second Sentence. #SampleSunday #HistNov

The genial man who had been silently observing proceedings suddenly sat forward, cupping his chin in his hands.  ‘Why were the police and magistrates in London so lenient to you, Jack?’ he asked in a soft Irish accent.  ‘Do you … Continue reading

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Beguiled Part 3. #SampleSunday #Histnov #amwriting

I hurried along the corridors of the Palace. It was growing dark, the sun had just set and the threatening storm was painting the sky a morbid grey. It was not yet twilight but that time of threat and promise … Continue reading

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The Journey to Battle. #HistNov #SampleSunday

Oswald came striding towards us, leading his horse.  He bowed his head quickly and smiled.  ‘Are you ready, Edgar?’ he asked. I nodded.  He swung up into his saddle and the three of us trotted past the waiting men to … Continue reading

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Back to England

Tomorrow we’re going back to England again.  This was our scheduled break to see my father, son and his family.  We had hoped to introduce my dad to my grand-daughter but because of dad’s double heart-attack he is still in … Continue reading

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The Lost King: Resistance. #SampleSunday #histnov

This sample is from the first chapter of The Lost King: Resistance.  It tells of how the Norman army, fresh from victory at Hastings, launched an attack upon London. Rallying to the cause of Edgar who had just been acclaimed … Continue reading

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The Artful Dodger meets the Fowler household. #SampleSunday #Kindle

Dr Fowler commanded Jack to sit on the stool and remain silent.  All four turned expectantly towards the door as it opened and Surgeon Wills walked into the room. He beamed upon Fowler and Beatrice and bowed cordially to Lambert … Continue reading

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ARTFUL #SampleSunday

ARTFUL #SampleSunday.  This is the beginning of my new book which will be published shortly.  #amwriting CHAPTER 1 TRANSPORTED The sun crawled up the London sky like an invalid part way through convalescence.  If it could have wheezed it would … Continue reading

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