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This is a really fascinating series. There’s not one contribution which hasn’t made me a little envious. But the really nice thing is to see the diversity of places people write. Today’s contribution is from Colin Falconer. I think you’ll … Continue reading

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The Treasures in Notebooks

I have many notebooks. Too many. Long ago I read that authors should keep noteworks  and I took the message to heart. I have loads and if I see a new one that I like the look of I can’t … Continue reading

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Dates are figuring large in my mind. I don’t mean the Medjool Date I’ve just eaten, delicious though it was. And I’m not talking about the holiday season, though I know that there are very few shopping days left until … Continue reading

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A Writing Tool Box

I’ve been using Scrivener to write my last few novels. It is simply the best writing tool I’ve ever used. It has so many tools and gizmos that I doubt I’ll ever make use of them, or want to, come … Continue reading

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When Inspiration Needs a Nudge

I’ve written earlier about what I consider to be the seven stages of writing:  Inspiration Incubation Perspiration Evaluation Extermination Resurrection Projection  There are links to this post and one about inspiration at the end of this post but today I’m … Continue reading

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Dodger Receives his Second Sentence. #SampleSunday #HistNov

The genial man who had been silently observing proceedings suddenly sat forward, cupping his chin in his hands.  ‘Why were the police and magistrates in London so lenient to you, Jack?’ he asked in a soft Irish accent.  ‘Do you … Continue reading

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Publishing Is Easy

Publishing Is Easy. This is a post from the wise and down-to-earth David Gaughran. He’s a great man to follow with timely, useful blog posts. His books are an essential for any Indie writer or those thinking of going down … Continue reading

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