Writing for e-books

Writing and publishing my e-books has been the steepest learning curve I have ever been through.  (Maybe learning to talk was more difficult but I can’t recall.)

The first book I published was an experiment and not meant to be published at all.  I just pressed the button on the Kindle page and found it had been published.  Wow.  I didn’t mean it to happen but it had.

Sorting out the glitches in formatting my first books took me days and days.

I am still a novice but I have learnt so much, partly from my own experience but also because of the help and encouragement I have received from blogs, emails and general advice from people who have published before me.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

So my advice to anyone considering this route is to read some good books on the subject, follow some excellent blogs (I’ve listed a few) and then experiment, learn and amend.  And then, when you’ve learnt something, be prepared to help others along the way.

Good luck with your venture.

2 Responses to Writing for e-books

  1. Hello Martin
    You mention reading some good books on the subject. Can you recommend some?


  2. The free Smashwords guide is as good as any I’ve seen and clearly sets out the formatting standards you can find it at:

    Click to access smashwords-style-guide.pdf

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