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All of my books are available on Amazon. The easiest way to find them in the USA or UK is to click or tap here:

If you live in another country just type in Martin Lake and a selection should come up – although it will include other books which I’ve not written like Game of Thrones.

An increasing number are also on the CreateSpace website and can be ordered from your local bookshop or your library.



The Lost King Series.  

The story of the true heir to the English throne and his fight against the Norman invaders.

Book 1: The Flame of Resistance.  

The story of Edgar Atheling’s early life, of his acclamation as king weeks after the Battle of Hastings, his betrayal to William, his captivity in Normandy, his flight and the beginnings of his resistance to the invasion.

Book 2: Triumph and Catastrophe.  Edgar enters an alliance with the Vikings, the ancient enemies of his race. They invade England. Edgar experiences bitter betrayal and the north of England experiences the vengeance and wrath of an angry and desperate William.

Book 3. Blood of Ironside. Edgar takes the war to his enemy and by doing so faces the greatest threat to himself and his friends.

Book 4. In Search of Glory. Edgar has been forced to make peace with William but is treated with little more than contempt. When William exacts worse tribute upon the English he decides to fight once again.

Resistance - Kindle

Triumph - Kindle Ironside - KindleGlory - Kindle

Outcasts. Saladin’s conquest of Jerusalem means disaster and turmoil for the men who fought against him and their families. Their world will never be the same again. GD_LAKE_FINAL

41daq4stlulThe Artful Dodger.  The deeds and misdeeds of the Artful Dodger did after being caught, convicted and transported to New South Wales.

A Love Most Dangerous. index

Her beauty was a blessing…and a dangerous burden…

As a Maid of Honor at the Court of King Henry VIII, beautiful Alice Petherton receives her share of admirers. But when the powerful, philandering Sir Richard Rich attempts to seduce her, she knows she cannot thwart his advances for long. She turns to the most powerful man in England for protection: the King himself.

As beautiful as she is intelligent, Alice easily captures the King’s interest. He takes her to bed on the day of his son Edward’s birth. But the King is capricious, and he casts out Alice when Queen Jane dies. Although Alice knows well the risk of becoming the King’s wife, it isn’t long before she charms her way back into Court and the King’s heart. The challenge is remaining his favorite while avoiding the dangers of becoming his next bride.

Reveling in her newfound power, Alice soon forgets that enemies lurk behind every corner at court…and there are some who are eagerly plotting her fall…

Very Like a Queen. LAKE-VeryLikeaQueen-21782-CV-FR

The King’s favor was her sanctuary—until his desire turned dangerous.

Alice Petherton is well practiced at using her beauty and wits to survive in the Court of King Henry VIII. As the King’s favorite, she enjoys his protection, but after seeing the downfall of three of his wives, she’s determined to avoid the same fate. Alice must walk a fine line between mistress and wife.

She finds a powerful protector in Thomas Cromwell, and Alice has every reason to believe that she will continue to enjoy a life of wealth and comfort at Court…until she puts everything at risk by falling in love with a Frenchman, Nicholas Bourbon.

When Cromwell is executed, Alice loses her only ally and flees to France. There she hopes to live in peace with Nicholas. But Alice is lured into a perilous game of treason, and peace doesn’t last long. Will Alice get back the life and love she’s fought for? Or will she lose herself to the whims of a capricious monarch?

a-dance-of-pride-and-peril-digital-onlyA Dance of Pride and Peril.

As a young woman living in the high mountains of Crete Talita knows nothing of the opulent and sophisticated civilisation developing in the cities of the coast. Yet when her uncle sells her and she is taken to the city of Mulia she determines to make the best of her new life.

Mulia is famous for its thrilling and deadly acrobatic displays, where young men face the fierce charges of giant bulls, leaping over them or dying in the attempt. Talita is sold to the owner of the arena and trains as a dancer, her job to entertain the audience and goad the raging bulls.

Yet she wants more than this. In the high mountains she had protected her flocks from bears and wolves and was undaunted by them. Now she yearns to be a bull-leaper, a profession reserved only for men.

When she realises that she has a bond with Torq, the greatest of the bulls, her ambition grows even stronger. Yet her dreams are thwarted when priests arrive from the Kingdom of Egypt and steal Torq away.

Her enemies accuse Talita of taking him and she and her lover Pellon are condemned to a hideous death. Will she find the strength and courage to escape, find Torq and prove her innocence?

LBW Kindle CoverLand of Blood and Water

A fugitive King. A family at the mercy of men of power and violence.

Brand and his family live simple lives in their quiet corner of Somerset. The war that Wessex wages against the heathen Danes takes place far away and is of no concern to them.

But when a desperate war-band descends upon them one winter night their lives are changed forever. They are thrown into a dark world of savage warfare, lust, revenge and murder.

Brand believes he can decide the path that he and his family must tread. But others have very different ideas. At stake is the survival of the kingdom. And now their lives are bound up with the fugitive King Alfred of Wessex.

“A gripping story from an accomplished author.” Elaine Jeremiah. Author.

“The emotional content of the book is one of the highlights of the narrative. The characters are well written, the action flows seamlessly and the reader is left with a feeling as if they had been there.” Paul Bennett, author and reviewer.

“Fast paced from the start, the story blossoms as you read.”

8 Responses to My books

  1. I’ll look for your books. I have written two books, historical YA & adult about the Battle of Culloden

    • Martin Lake says:

      Thanks Rowena,
      I hope you like my books. I once saw a documentary about Culloden which was very powerful. I’m interested that you’re writing adult and YA historical fiction. I’ll look for your books.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Martin. I have read all the Lost King books and really enjoyed them as they gave me a window into the interesting period around the conquest by William the Conqueror and what followed. I have now read The Outcasts and thought there were two more books in the series – are they published or am I imagining things?

    • Martin Lake says:

      Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for your comment which really cheered me. I do plan two more books in the Outcasts series but haven’t started them yet. I hope to work on the second one in 2016. If you’d like to know more about my book releases you can sign up for my occasional newsletters by clicking here:

      The fourth book in The Lost King will be out on December 10th.

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  4. Skyler Moulder says:

    Hi Martin,
    I have just read both the Viking series and the Lost King series and couldn’t put them down! I wondered if you planned to write a 5th Lost King book?

    Thank you again

    • Martin Lake says:

      Hi Skyler,

      I’m pleased to hear you like these series, I am part way through a final adventure of Leif Ormson.

      I plan to write two more books about Edgar, detailing his time in Europe and in the First Crusade and in the various conflicts between William the Conqueror’s sons. In the meanwhile, you might want to take a look at my series about Alfred the Great which starts with Land of Blood and Water. But don’t buy the sequel to this (Blood Enemy) for a while as I’m putting the finishing touches to a slight revision.

      Many thanks and best wishes,


      • Skyler Moulder says:

        Hi Martin,

        Thanks so much for getting back to me. I will look out for both the Leif Ormson and Lost King books further down the line. I have already read Land of Blood and Water and Blood Enemy, but would still be interested to read the revised version. I will admit, the Leif books were my first real taste of historical fiction outside of WW2 and I have just flown through the rest!

        Take care and good luck with your future writing.

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