Reviews of my books

Here are extracts from some reviews of my books.


“Did not know what I was getting into – but wow- how did I miss this one – what a great read, face paced, plenty of action and the right amount of detail to be convincing. went straight on to the second book TRIUMPH AND CATASTROPHEwhich was equally brilliant and can’t wait for the next on.” Richard Shaw

“One of the better novels on the English resistance after 1066. Edgar Atheling is a complex, elusive and frustrating historical character but that allows for some scope in trying to portray him within a novel such as this. Martin Lake is convincing in his characterization of the key figures including Edgar”  MAC


“Having thoroughly enjoyed the first in the series, I immediately purchased this one. I am pleased that I did. This series gives a fascinating insight into a largely neglected period of history. The sense of time and place is excellent. The character of Edgar is very three-dimensional and I really found myself rooting for him and empathising with some of the difficult decisions he has to make. It is also very interesting to track the changes in his character as he faces adversity and betrayal and grows from boy to man.” Indianna.


“One of the aspects of writing that I feel the author does well is character introduction and development as there is a host of great characters that fill up these pages. Edgar has a core of followers that include outlaws, nobles, reluctant thugs, Counts and Kings. He also has a host of enemies, so many in fact that I liken Edgar to some half dead warrior surrounded by a flock of carrion crows and vultures just waiting for the chance to finish him off. That he survives to continue the quest is a testament to his character and to his friends. He is certainly the most likable tragic figure I’ve come across in a long time. I highly recommend this series and hope that Martin Lake doesn’t wait too long to give us book 4.” Paul Bennet. Hoover Book Reviews.

“Disowned by his brother-in-law, betrayed by the vikings, Edgar lurches and stumbles from one crisis to the next. But whatever Fate chucks at him, and it chucks an awful lot of ordure, he keeps going. One door is slammed in his face, so he finds another. That, too, is denied him, so he searches for a third. And finds it …
I think this is why Edgar is such an engaging character – he never gives up. And although he is repeatedly presented with difficult moral dilemmas, he doesn’t betray his friends, which is why the best of them stick to him.” Andrew Puckett.


“Have you seen the film Kingdom of Heaven? Starring Orlando Bloom, it tells of how ordinary men were knighted by the knight Balian, in an attempt to save Jerusalem from Saladin. This book details what happened to Balian’s knights after Jerusalem fell. We see the attitude of the outside world to these low-born men, we see the lives of the people of Jerusalem who escaped and those who were sold into slavery. The details are fascinating, and give a real insight into the lives of ordinary people who followed their lords to the crusades or went to Jerusalem on pilgrimage. It tells of the people of all races who lived together in harmony for many years before the Crusaders stirred up trouble.” Ann Marie.


“I read the preview and was absolutely hooked. That’s been it for the day for me; sat back and polished it off. What a cracking story. It really rolls along at a pace, depicting ‘The Dodger’ as a lively and thoroughly engaging individual. Mr Lake’s prose flows off the page, capturing the essence of those turbulent times when life or death was in the balance. The characters are convincing, the settings are lively and realistic. The story is totally engaging and I was swept along wanting to know how it turned out in the end. This is a thoroughly modern extension and take on an already established character. All credit to Mr Lake for maintaining a gripping interest in this read of what the Dodger did next. Read it and I hope you enjoy as much as I did.” Bookie.

“This novel was highly enjoyable. The character of the Artful Dodger is skilfully depicted and faithful to Dickens’ original creation. He’s an appealing character, full of life and thoroughly irrepressible. There are plenty of other lively and memorable characters too, including some nasty villains well worthy of Dickens himself. The plot twists and turns and the author keeps the momentum going. A wonderful homage to Dickens!” Elaine Jeremiah.












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