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The Treasures in Notebooks

I have many notebooks. Too many. Long ago I read that authors should keep noteworks  and I took the message to heart. I have loads and if I see a new one that I like the look of I can’t … Continue reading

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The Cross and the Curse: Book 2 of the Bernicia Chronicles.

Less than a year ago, Matthew Harffy published his first novel, The Serpent Sword. It was a stunning debut. So much so that I awaited his second novel with some anxiety. Would it be as good? I was fortunate that … Continue reading

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A Dance of Smiles and Falsehoods. #SampleSunday #HistNov

Here’s the opening of the sequel to A Love Most Dangerous. Chapter 1 What is Love? 7 December 1539 ‘For goodness sake stop that awful noise.’ Sissy looked up at me in alarm. ‘I was only humming, Alice. It was … Continue reading

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The Joy of Editing

Previously: (can’t you see I’m a fan of The West Wing and House of Cards) I get an email from Lake Union Publishing saying they want to publish my novel I have long and fruitful negotiations with Senior Editor, Jodie … Continue reading

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Previously on this blog: My life-long attempts to become a better writer. Rejection and more rejection. I win a competition. Still more rejection. The dark cloud of my accident and my discovery of a silver lining. E-books and self-publishing. I’m … Continue reading

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I become an Indie Writer

Previously on this blog: At the age of 11 I discover I want to be a writer. I continue to write throughout my teenage years. I postponed a career as a writer in order to live a full and varied … Continue reading

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Dates are figuring large in my mind. I don’t mean the Medjool Date I’ve just eaten, delicious though it was. And I’m not talking about the holiday season, though I know that there are very few shopping days left until … Continue reading

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