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Four years ago today…..

Four years ago today I self-published my novel, A Love Most Dangerous.   It was an unusual venture for me who had, up until then, written books about the Norman Conquest, the Crusades and the adventures of the Artful Dodger. … Continue reading

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I become an Indie Writer

Previously on this blog: At the age of 11 I discover I want to be a writer. I continue to write throughout my teenage years. I postponed a career as a writer in order to live a full and varied … Continue reading

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Tidying Up

I’ve been tidying up the apartment today, a job I do not like. Or rather I’ve been doing the laundry and cleaning and hoovering. Tidying up is one of those tasks that I’m just no good at. I can never … Continue reading

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I never used to like editing my writing.  In point of fact, I didn’t really know how to edit properly.   I was always aware of Hemingway’s scatological description of his first draft although he seems to be working away … Continue reading

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Back to England

Tomorrow we’re going back to England again.  This was our scheduled break to see my father, son and his family.  We had hoped to introduce my dad to my grand-daughter but because of dad’s double heart-attack he is still in … Continue reading

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1066 and the End of a World.

In October 1066 Duke William of Normandy won the Battle of Hastings and killed King Harold.  Confident that the path to the throne was now clear he rested his army and waited for the Witan, the council of the great … Continue reading

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Part 2 of my Kingdom of Jerusalem novel #SampleSunday #Histnov

This is the second sample of my new novel which is set in the immediate aftermath of Saladin’s conquest of the city of Jerusalem.  If you’ve seen the movie ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ you’ll have a good understanding of the time … Continue reading

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