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The Swiftness of the Vikings

One of the secrets of the Vikings’ success was the speed at which they moved. Their longships were probably the fastest things on earth over long distances and they could land and witthdraw their raiding bands far more quickly than … Continue reading

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Four years ago today…..

Four years ago today I self-published my novel, A Love Most Dangerous.   It was an unusual venture for me who had, up until then, written books about the Norman Conquest, the Crusades and the adventures of the Artful Dodger. … Continue reading

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The Final Publishing Process.

Previously: I get discovered by Amazon’s Lake Union Publishing I sign up I discover that editing is not as painful as I thought Before I started on the editing process I had a phone conference with two managers from Amazon … Continue reading

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Lake Union Publishing

Previously: I Discover Alice Petherton I am Discovered by Lake Union Publishing My hand hovered over the spam box. I’d already had an offer from ‘A Keen Raeder’ who said she could ‘tranlate the novel’ to our mutual advantage. This … Continue reading

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Rejection to Jubilation. From an Indie to a Hybrid.

2014 has been an incredible roller-coaster of a year. I thought it would be useful for me to share my experiences, not only because I’m incredibly vain, but because of what I’ve learned from what’s happened. The first big news, … Continue reading

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The Joy of Editing

It’s been an interesting August. The reason? I spent several weeks of it editing ‘A Love Most Dangerous.’ As I wrote in an earlier blog Lake Union Publishing approached me to take on my latest novel and re-launch it in … Continue reading

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A Love Most Dangerous reduced in price in UK Kindle Discount Deal

Between Friday 4 July and Sunday 6 July ‘A Love Most Dangerous’ is reduced in price from £2.45 to 99p on Kindle from Amazon.co.uk. Take a look and tell your friends. Here is the link to the book. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Most-Dangerous-Martin-Lake-ebook/dp/B00IUAQPDI/ref=la_B004Z13HPA_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1404236529&sr=1-2 You … Continue reading

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Poor Knights and Princes Part 4 #SampleSunday #HistNov

John returned to the entrance and climbed up the stairs which led to the place of the crucifixion.  With each step his heart felt more deadened, his burden of guilt more heavy. At the top of the stairs he paused, … Continue reading

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Kobo to become a publisher

Kobo has just announced it will follow in Amazon’s footsteps and become a publisher, dealing directly with authors. This is good news for all authors, including, let us hope, indies.  Not such good news for traditional publishers, booksellers and agents … Continue reading

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