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Blog as memoir

In an idle moment I looked back at some of my earlier blogs on this site. I was surprised to discover that I started it in 2011, when we still lived in England. It’s strange to read about the things … Continue reading

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Writing Spaces

As well as my series of talks with authors, I’m starting a series of posts about the writing spaces of authors.  I’m re-posting the one I wrote about my writing spaces to get the ball rolling. I have lived in … Continue reading

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Dawn. Menton

It’s 7.15 in the morning and the moon and Venus are dangling in a brightening sky.  I was awake and ready for work three quarters of an hour ago but then my computer decided to update itself and took an … Continue reading

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Young musicians at the Fête de la Musique

I like music but can barely whistle a dirge let alone a tune.  I think I’m fortunate that I like many types of music from classical to pop and rock and most shades in between. Not everything though. Much of … Continue reading

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Sensational Discovery. Oscar Wilde interviews.

I recently visited Paris with my wife.  One day, as we strolled along the Left Bank, a tremendous rain-storm sent us scurrying into an alley for cover.  It was quite dark in the alley and I banged my shin against … Continue reading

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Near Perfect Writing Space

If you’ve followed any of this blog you will realise that I am fascinated with my writing space. Not that I’m obsessive or pernickety (hum, don’t think I’ve ever written that word before).  It’s just that I always hanker after … Continue reading

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On our way to the Cote d’ Azur

Nine or ten years ago I decided to take a week’s holiday in Liguria, Northern Italy.  I flew from Bristol airport to Nice arriving late in the evening.  Because of the late hour of my arrival I had already booked … Continue reading

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