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The Swiftness of the Vikings

One of the secrets of the Vikings’ success was the speed at which they moved. Their longships were probably the fastest things on earth over long distances and they could land and witthdraw their raiding bands far more quickly than … Continue reading

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Wolves of War

My new novel, Wolves of War, will be published next week. It’s set in the time of Alfred the Great but from the point of view of his enemies, the Vikings. Here’s the cover, designed by Jenny Quinlan of Historical … Continue reading

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Extract from my new Work in Progress

I’m in the last stages of editing my new book which is a sequel to Land of Blood and Water. This is set four years after King Alfred’s victory at Ethandun and follows the adventures of Ulf and Inga who … Continue reading

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I’m delighted to have as guest blogger the novelist Giles Kristian. Giles has an interest in the Anglo-Saxon period but has also strayed into the English Civil War period, one which is fairly sparsely written about in comparison to its … Continue reading

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1016 and all that

The start of a new year seems a good time to take a really long, backward look at history. I’m going to do this in one thousand year leaps. So today, here are a few things which happened in the … Continue reading

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Yammering like dog foxes. #SampleSunday #HistNov

Here’s the next part of my new work in progress. One of the warriors ran over and held the torch close to the door. The tall man glanced inside and chuckled quietly. ‘Outside,’ he called. ‘Quick about it.’ He stepped … Continue reading

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The Harrying of the North #SampleSunday #HistNov Blood of Ironside Part 7

King Malcolm had already heard much of what I had to tell.  Of the meeting with the Danish fleet at York, the fire in the city and how we took the two castles and slaughtered all of the Normans in … Continue reading

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