The Night the Earth Moved

Last night I was sitting writing at my computer when my chair shook. The light in the room was moving, casting shadows on the wall. Startled, I glanced round and saw that the lamp was rocking gently on the floor as if some giant cat were playing with it, tapping it like it was a ball of wool.

I could not understand what was happening. I’d never experienced anything like this before. I went out onto the terrace and looked around. There was nothing untoward, no explosions, no flying saucers, no crash on the nearby train line.

I went back into the apartment, Maybe it was some extremely angry poltergeist. And then I guessed. Could it be an earthquake? I stood unmoving, silent, straining to feel and hear anything more. There was nothing. I went to bed.

This morning I found out that it was indeed an earthquake. It was felt all along the Cote d’Azur. It reminded me of how much more wild and savage the south of France is than where I used to live in the south west of England.


About Martin Lake

Martin Lake lives in the French Riviera with his wife. After studying at the University of East Anglia he worked as a teacher, trainer and company director. A serious accident shattered his arm and meant that he had to rein back his work. He decided to concentrate on writing and is now writing full-time. He writes a wide range of fiction. His main interests are historical fiction, short stories and fiction for young adults. Martin has a series of novels 'The Lost King' which are set in the years following the Norman Invasion of England. They concern Edgar Atheling, last representative of the ancient English royal dynasty and his fight to regain the throne from William the Conqueror. Martin has also published 'Artful' the further adventures of the Dodger and 'Outcasts' a novel about fall of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. His latest novel, 'A Love Most Dangerous' is about a maid of honour who becomes the lover of Henry VIII. Martin’s work has been broadcast on radio. He won first prize in the Kenneth Grahame Society competition to write a story based on 'The Wind in the Willows.' You can get the collection, 'The Wind in the Willows Short Stories' from Amazon.
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3 Responses to The Night the Earth Moved

  1. Glad it wasn’t a big earthquake. Still unsettling though.

  2. Emerald Tablet says:

    I felt a few of them living in Japan. A very unnatural feeling, certainly.

  3. Experienced earthquakes couple of times, luckily, they weren’t strong, but still, frightening.

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