What Bill Sikes thought of the Artful Dodger

Yesterday I published Fagin’s thoughts concerning his principal pick-pocket, the Artful Dodger.  Today I publish the second document which is written by Fagin’s old boy, Bill Sikes, a man who in later life set up his own criminal concern.  It seems from the document that he was being interviewed by some fool-hardy soul.

Bill Sikes by Fred Barnard

Bill Sikes by Fred Barnard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dodger?  Scheming little villain.  I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could kick him.  Just as soon as feed him to Bulls-Eye than have to put up with his ugly little mug, his little sharp eyes taking it all in, watching what’s going on, storing it away in that nasty little head of his.

No idea where he came from, don’t care in the slightest.  Some gutter down Billinsgate way, I reckon.  He’s fishy enough for it, and slippery as an eel.  He told me once he was some rich geezer’s kid.  Airs and graces, airs and graces.

Is he good at his job?

That’s a puzzler.  Much though it grieves me to admit it, I reckon he is.  He’s sneaky you see, he sneaks about so as you don’t know he’s there.  Then, bang, he’s got his little fingers inside your pocket and he’s orf away from the scene.

Has he stolen from me?  You looking for a wallop?  Would I let a little villain like that steal from me?

The watch?  I gave him that.  As a present.  He never took it from me and if he says he did I’ll crack his head open.  Nobody gets one over on Bill Sikes.  Not even the Artful Dodger.

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About Martin Lake

Martin Lake lives in the French Riviera with his wife. After studying at the University of East Anglia he worked as a teacher, trainer and company director. A serious accident shattered his arm and meant that he had to rein back his work. He decided to concentrate on writing and is now writing full-time. He writes a wide range of fiction. His main interests are historical fiction, short stories and fiction for young adults. Martin has a series of novels 'The Lost King' which are set in the years following the Norman Invasion of England. They concern Edgar Atheling, last representative of the ancient English royal dynasty and his fight to regain the throne from William the Conqueror. Martin has also published 'Artful' the further adventures of the Dodger and 'Outcasts' a novel about fall of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. His latest novel, 'A Love Most Dangerous' is about a maid of honour who becomes the lover of Henry VIII. Martin’s work has been broadcast on radio. He won first prize in the Kenneth Grahame Society competition to write a story based on 'The Wind in the Willows.' You can get the collection, 'The Wind in the Willows Short Stories' from Amazon.
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3 Responses to What Bill Sikes thought of the Artful Dodger

  1. Elaine Jeremiah says:

    Once again Martin Lake has masterfully captured the spirit of Dickens’ memorable characters, none more so than Bill Sikes. Entertaining and hugely enjoyable!

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